The original Pennsylvania B.A.C.A., Inc.
Founded in 1987
Incorporated in 1988

B.A.C.A.'s founder, while on a run in Lehigh County, PA, decided that there should be a Biker Charity for Children. Thus, from that cold PA run in November, was born the FIRST actual Charity for Children, funded and operated by Bikers.
In May of 2007, B.A.C.A. of Lehigh Valley was formed (including Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe and Northampton Counties), coming back to the area of it's conception.
Incorporated in 2008.
B.A.C.A. Lehigh Valley is a non-profit Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness organization.


B.A.C.A. of Lehigh Valley Inc., strives to create a safer environment for children who have been neglected or abused, by providing emotional support for both the child and the family. We work with local and state officials and agencies to serve and protect these children, and tirelessly campaign to prevent all types of abuse of children before it starts.

Below are just some ways that B.A.C.A. Lehigh Valley Inc. provides support to children and families in need:
*      We attend TRIALS and COURT HEARINGS - We arrive at the courthouse
       in person to support the Victim, and give emotional support.

*      We provide monetary gifts to families of child abuse victims for                  
travel during court proceedings, when they need it.

*      We give educational presentations in schools and at community events         
relating to the prevention of child abuse and internet safety
 for children.

*      We participate in events and toy runs organized by other well-known          
organizations to support their missions.

*      We work with our local police departments by participating in                      
community awareness events.

*      We provide stuffed animals to our local police departments for the           
officers to give to children when they go to abuse calls.      

*      We hold B.A.C.A. fund raisers, selling t-shirts, pins, magnets and               
memberships to enable us to provide support for abuse victims.    

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